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PG CON is family owned business offering block gravity retaining wall and gabion basket solutions to the general construction industry. The company is a member of the CMA – Concrete Manufacturers Association.

PG CON is active in the mining, private and public infrastructure sectors, our customers range from individuals in residential developments to national construction and mining firms.

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[darna_process step=”01″ title=”Quality” description=”PG CON’s product offering is based upon a strong foundation of quality. Our mission is not only to offer a quality end product but to provide the customer a trouble free journey through the design phase, construction phase and final handover of the product.” link=”url:%23||”]
[darna_process step=”02″ title=”Resources” description=”PG CON’s human resources have been stringently selected to offer the best onsite service in regards to communication with the main contractor and consultants. A policy of continuous improvement through training ensures that all employees are aligned with Powergate Construction’s quality policy which is fundamental to our business.” link=”url:%23||”]
[darna_process step=”03″ title=”Cost Saving” description=”PG CON is able to save money by offering a high quality turnkey solution to the customer as outsourcing to Powergate Construction is usually less costly than trying to do it in house. We also offer customer support even after completion of the project which is an added value to the customer.” link=”url:%23||”]
[darna_process step=”04″ title=”Methodology” description=”Constant communication is our goal throughout our involvement on a project. Customer’s requirements are clearly defined from the outset to ensure your satisfaction during every phase of the design and construction process.” link=”url:%23||” last_step=”yes”]
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